Work Begins on Poolbeg Incinerator


Work on the Poolbeg Incinerator has begun.

Indications of building have been observed by NewsFour as trucks carrying building material entered the site yesterday. Although the contracts have been signed since September 19th, there has been no obvious signs of construction of late. That has now changed, and locals can expect a sharp increase in activity around the site and on the access roads to Poolbeg.

The start of construction coincides with the same week as a march to the Dail organised by Combined Residents Against Incineration. The march will gather in Ringsend at 5pm tomorrow and walk to Dail Eireann for an assembly at 6pm.

The Poolbeg Incinerator saga was also highlighted yesterday on RTE’s Prime Time where the credibility of the waste available was questioned by the programme. Poolbeg Incinerator has capacity for 600,000 tonnes of waste per annum, but rival incinerators in Duleek, Co. Meath and cement kilns nationally will impact on the waste available, as these industries signalled their intent to increase waste intake to their own incinerators.

Poolbeg was originally given planning permission for Dublin, but the Dublin area has now been subsumed into a new Eastern-Midlands region. It remains open to legal challenge whether the Poolbeg Incinerator can receive waste from this greater area. If it cannot, then the viability of the incinerator could be called into question.

By Ferg Hayden