DCC Notes

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The East Link Fund

Allocation of the East Link Fund from the DCC Community Department has been agreed. The total sum for 2014 is €123,900 and €61,950, is for the Southside area of the Liffey. Some of the recipients include the Havelock Residents’ Association, Ringsend Creche, St Patrick’s Rowing Club, Ringsend Registered Fishermen, Girl Guides, Ringsend and Irishtown Community Centre, and the Ballroom of Romance. According to Mr Frank Lambe of DCC, “every group that applied for a grant, got a grant” from The East Link Fund.

Deletion from the Record of Protected Structures

Motions were passed to delete Nos. 1, 3, 5-19, 21-22, 24-32, 34-37, 39-57 Belmont Avenue and Nos. 1-8 and 10-25 Mount Eden Road from the Record of Protected Structures as well as the renaming and renumbering of Block B, The Sweepstakes, Ballsbridge as 2 Ballsbridge Park.

Demolition of the former public toilets at Ballsbridge

A number of Councillors expressed their annoyance about the demolition of the former public toilets at Ballsbridge and requested a full report from DCC on why this was done without notification to councillors despite its future use being a matter of known interest to members and the subject of previous discussions about possible use. Mr Frank Lambe of DCC replied that they were “demolished as part of flood protection works.” A relevant official will report to councillors in October.

Poolbeg Chimneys

Councillors voted in favour of a motion for a local area plan for the development of the Poolbeg peninsula including recognition and protection of the industrial heritage of the area by registering the Poolbeg chimneys as protected structures. Priority will also be given to development of the vacant Glass Bottle site and to addressing both the housing shortage in Dublin City and the shortage of modern office space and development of the area as a whole.

Booterstown Nature Reserve Site

The committee requested a report on the zoning and possible protective options for the portion of the land adjoining Booterstown Marsh within the Dublin City Council area that was recently sold by NAMA – known by some as the Ashcastle site. The developer Paddy McKillen has recently bought the 4.86 acre site adjoining Booterstown Nature Reserve for €1m.

Slí na Sláinte

There are guiding poles being erected in the Sandymount area for the Slí na Sláinte route. All parties involved are to walk the route for investigation and agreement of appropriate places.

Parks Services – Informal meeting

A special meeting to discuss users groups in all parks such as Harolds Cross, Herbert Park, and all parks in the South East Area will be up for discussion on 23rd September and are to report back to the council.

Compiled by Ferg Hayden