Cambridge Court Wins Gardening Competition

Pictured: Charlie Byrne Community Gardner

Pictured: Charlie Byrne Community Gardner

A mixture of team work and community spirit won the award for Cambridge Court in the apartment complex section of the South East Area City Neighbourhoods Competition 2014.

The Dublin City Neighbourhoods Competition is run by Dublin City Council as a meaningful way to acknowledge the selfless work done for our city by people in communities, businesses and schools and places strong emphasis on traditional values and community effort.

On site community gardener Charlie Byrne, who is employed by Sandymount Community Services spoke to Newsfour. “I look after all the communal areas and take care of the grass out at the front of the complex. There’s always something to be getting on with here. I’ve just finished installing the greenhouses, and hopefully the residents can grow some lettuce and tomatoes in the summer. The spring bedding is already completed for next year.”

Cambridge Court is one of three complexes looked after by Charlie, who was eager to point out the contribution of the residents themselves. “Some of the residents are really interested in their gardens, and are very good at tending to their own section.”

Laurel has a beautiful floral display outside her apartment and speaks very highly of Beatrice and husband Derek, who have worked really hard on their patch, which added greatly to the overall effect. “Beatrice is a great gardener as well. We all do our bit,” Laurel told us.

Pictured: Laurel's floral display.

Pictured: Laurel’s floral display.

Willie Murphy showed NewsFour around the grounds, and outlined how the competition worked. “There’s the certificate that we won, and we also received €150 in a cheque. Everyone does their own corner and then it all comes together. Then we do the greenhouses and the sheds which helps to keep the bits and pieces together. The council gives us some bulbs and potted plants.”

“The ultimate aim of the competition is to achieve a cleaner, greener environment and a more attractively presented locality that will benefit all of the residents and users of our city,” said a representative of Dublin City Council.

Pictured: Greenery with outdoor seating.

Pictured: Greenery with outdoor seating.

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By Maria Shields O’Kelly