Tackling House Break-Ins Throughout Ringsend

imagereplacementOver the last year there has been a massive increase in house break-ins or burglaries in Ringsend, indeed throughout the city. One street alone – Hastings Street – has had eight attempted/actual break-ins over the last eight months, but other areas like Stella Gardens and the New Houses have also been targeted.

In response to requests, Superintendent Lorraine Wheatley organised a policing forum meeting on Tuesday the 2nd December, in Irishtown Garda Station. A delegation consisting of community activists and victims of crime attended and raised a number of issues:

  • The need to for Gardai to become more visible;
  • Greater communications between residents and Irishtown Station;
  • More feed back to the victims of crime;
  • Greater allocation of scarce resources to protecting communities.

Criminals come from a range of different backgrounds and there is no doubt many see this community as an easy target. It is important that neighbours communicate with and watch out for each other, especially vulnerable senior citizens living on their own. Be alert and report any suspicions to Irishtown Gardai at (01) 6669600.

For more information on crime prevention visit An Garda Síochána’s website.

Many thanks to Lorraine as our Community Garda was sighted yesterday on bike patrol in Ringsend

Tom Crilly, RDRD/the Spellman Centre
Billy Ryan, CRAI