Car insurance premiums set for hike


Bad news for motorists with insurance premiums set for another hike in 2015. Experts predict that prices are expected to rise between 8% – 15% which comes on top of new figures from the CSO showing that car insurance costs shot up by close to 12% in the year to December.

More cars on the road has resulted in an increase in road fatalities, collisions and injury claims which is hitting insurers hard. A further alleged contributing factor is the increase in claimants taking their cases to solicitors as opposed to the State’s Injuries Board and thus inflating overall claims costs.

Sandymount based insurance broker Brian J Pierce Ltd have come up with their top five tips to help you reduce your premium.

1) Shop around – Never take the first quote offered without getting a few others for comparison even if you’ve been with the same insurer for a while. Contract a broker you can trust who will do this for you, assess all of your options and get you the most competitive quote.

2) Add your partner on your policy as a named driver – Adding your partner as a named driver can help bring down the cost of your premium.

3) Earn a no claims bonus – Insurance companies reduce premiums for every year of claims free driving motoring (up to a maximum). Minimise risk by driving carefully, parking in safe areas, and storing valuables out of sight.

4) Look after your car – Ensure your car is serviced regularly with everything working as it should be.

5) Drive safely!!

Contact Brian J Pierce Ltd on 01 667 4985 if you’re worried that your premium is too high and they’ll try to help you get a more competitive quote.

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