RUCC World Cup Last Man Standing 2015



With the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup coming up, Railway Union Cricket Club are running a Last Man Standing competition.

The idea is simple: just pick a winning team for each round of the Cricket World Cup, which begins on February 14. If your team in the first round draws or loses, you are knocked out of the competition, but if your team wins you are through to round two, and so on until the final.

Contestants will also be knocked out if a game is cancelled due to rain or other reasons.

Then things get a bit more challenging on May 29. Any contestants who have survived in the competition until the final will be asked to predict not only the winner, but also the total number of runs scored in the match. In the event that more than one is left standing, the contestant with the closest prediction will be named the winner, with a prize of an official world cup shirt signed by the team and €200.

Entry costs €11 if you register online, €10 if you register in the club house. Full details can be found here, and you can register and pick your teams here.

By Aimée Mac Leod