DDWPS Meeting Tonight


The Dublin Dock Workers Preservation Society will be meeting tonight at 8pm in the Sean O’Casey Community Centre in East Wall.

The Society’s agenda for the meeting is as follows:

  1. Donation of €1,000 from SIPTU;
  2. Report on NAMA’s Dockland Meeting 05/02/15;
  3. Report of meeting with CHL Consulting 09/02/15;
  4. Brian Matthews paper on a Dublin Docklands Museum and Heritage Centre;
  5. Report of the Docklands Education, Arts and Heritage Sub-committee 20/02/15;
  6. Report on our input into Dublin City Council’s Docklands Infrastructure Audit;
  7. The Heritage Council Activities and Grants for 2015;
  8. Getting an up-to-date and user friendly website;
  9. Report on our involvement in the Sheriff Street Re-union;
  10. Report on our involvement in SIPTU’s Annual Mass for Deceased Members 15/02/15;
  11. The Lord Mayor’s help in trying to erect a plaque for William Deans;
  12. Future Co-operation with Dublin Port Company;
  13. Future Co-operation with SIPTU;
  14. Future Co-operation with the International Transport Workers’ Federation;
  15. Correspondence with the Irish Congress of Trade Unions;
  16. Correspondence with the Irish Labour History Society;
  17. Dublin Port Company Conference 29/04/15;
  18. Financial Report;
  19. Becoming a Limited Company.
  20. The NewsFour WebMonkey