Cinema Roundup April 17th

Movie of the Week - The salvation

Movie of the Week – The salvation

The Salvation is a cracking new western from Denmark of all places. Mads Mikkelsen (TV’s Hannibal) plays an immigrant in the old west who seeks vengeance when his wife and son are murdered. It’s very much an old school western, as opposed to the revisionist takes on the genre we’ve become used to lately. South Africa makes for a great stand-in for the American west.

00Alan Rickman appears on both sides of the camera for A Little Chaos, an awful period comedy drama set in 17th century France. We’ve seen a lot of European stories bastardised by British filmmakers recently, but this is the worst yet.

On Saturday night the Lighthouse is hosting a pyjama party double bill of 1986’s Modern Girls and 2004’s Mean Girls. No pillow fights!

Yours truly has been asked to take over the programming of MART Cinema, a secret cinema club at Rathmines MART gallery. Throughout the summer I’ll be putting together double bills of cult movies, starting next Thursday. As it’s a secret cinema club, I can’t announce the movies, but the poster will give you some clues. It’s a fiver in and you can bring your own booze.

By Eric Hillis

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