DCC Notes

Above: Ringsend Library Plaza.

Above: Ringsend Library Plaza.

The South East Area committee of elected councillors met in March to bring the latest local issues to the attention of Dublin City Council.

The issue of dog fouling was brought up by Councillors Dermot Lacey and Frank Kennedy. Cllr Lacey emphasised “how shocked and disgusted by the quantity of dog dirt” he was while walking Cambridge Road and Ringsend park area recently.

Cllr Kennedy called on DCC to place adequate signage and to install dog waste bins and scooping facilities in Ringsend Park and on the surrounding streets to deal with the problem of dog fouling.

DCC replied that together with the three other Dublin Local Authorities, it launched an anti-dog fouling campaign in 2013, with the introduction of the Litter Hotline 1800 251 500. This was followed up in 2014 with the introduction of a suite of signs which have been put in place throughout the city.

Arrangements have been made to put in place anti-dog fouling signs at Ringsend Park and surrounding streets. Waste Management Services and Parks and Landscapes Services have joined forces to try to eliminate fouling in parks, open green spaces and throughout the city. Meetings have taken place between representatives of both departments who have agreed there is a need to develop a strategy, set a broad policy, and to then roll out that policy.

A motion from Councillor Claire Byrne requested that the Committee agrees to reject any proposals that involve the demolition of the Poolbeg Chimneys and agree to engage with ESB to explore alternative plans for the redevelopment of the lands surrounding the chimneys that will ensure the protection of these iconic features of the City skyline.

The Planning Department replied that it is not aware of any planning application to demolish the ESB chimneys at Poolbeg. An update on the architectural study on the ESB Poolbeg chimneys is to be provided. This study will inform the Planning Department as it assesses the merits of the chimneys for addition to the Record of Protected Structures.

A motion from Councillor Sonya Stapleton requested DCC to replace front doors in local flat complexes with new PVC doors that will keep heat in and also secure property. Cllr Stapleton said that these often dated back over 50 years in the south east area and reported that many constituents have reported loss of heat from the front doors at great expense to them. She requested an overhaul of all complexes, or for DCC to subsidise residents for loss of heating cost.

DCC replied that there are no plans to overhaul or survey all doors in flat complexes in the South East Area. Currently, doors in need of repair or replacement are inspected when reported by the tenant, and necessary action is taken. Any front doors which are defective are repaired where possible, otherwise they are replaced with a timber double-glazed door. They also added that heating costs are not subsidised by the City Council.

Councillor Mannix Flynn called on DCC to place appropriate signage at the Ringsend Library Plaza. “Many traders in this area feel hemmed in and disregarded in this area and feel that the architecture surrounding them is hostile to social and business activities,” he stated. “Temporary signage here will attract more visitors to both the library and the businesses while we await the outcome of a previous motion for an upgrade and a redesign of this entire site.”

DCC said that consideration will be given to providing wayfinding signage for the Public Library at Ringsend. However, no provision can be made for signage for any commercial uses, as the purpose of the scheme is to provide signage for destinations of a cultural, amenity or recreational character.

A motion from Councillor Patrick Costello and Claire Byrne requested DCC to produce a report on vacant lands owned by Dublin City Council in the South East Area detailing the location, size and an assessment of the sites’ potential for development with a view to building affordable or temporary homes as a means to address the present housing crisis in the city.

The Vacant Land Study for the Inner City of Dublin was presented to the Planning and International Relations SPC on the 3rd March. A report on the potential of vacant lands owned by Dublin City Council in the South East Area detailing this will be presented to the next committee meeting.

In relation to the construction difficulties and faults discovered in Gallery Quay and Longboat Quay, a motion from Cllr Andrews requested a presentation from the Director of the Approved housing bodies managing the social housing within the development in order to establish the measures being taken to resolve the issues.

DCC noted that Gallery Quay is a 300-unit development of which Túath Housing Association owns and manages 60 units. They are dealing proactively with the construction difficulties in their own units. The measures being taken by Dublin Docklands Development Authority in relation to residential apartment building defects include initially deployed fire marshals to ensure immediate fire evacuation was possible and upgrading of the fire alarm systems in apartments and common areas.

There is ongoing engagement with all stakeholders with a view to agreeing a long-term solution for the remaining defects. This includes providing funding to the management company to allow them to engage appropriate professionals to assess the full scope of the works needed.

Councillor Lacey sought a report from the Manager on what options will be considered in relation to a future development on the site of the former public toilets at Anglesea Road.

Above: Site of the former public toilets at Anglesea Road.

Above: Site of the former public toilets at Anglesea Road.

DCC replaced the toilets with a flood wall capable of taking a two storey building as a future development. They stated that they have no plans or permission to do anything else with the flood wall and are looking at options to close it off from illegal parking.

The site is located in a Z9 zone with the objective to preserve, provide and improve recreational amenity and open space and green networks. In terms of development potential, the Z9 zoning only allows for uses associated with amenity and recreational open space.

Cllr Lacey also requested an update on progress on implementing Flood Protection measures for Strand Road/Beach Road, Sandymount.

DCC report that a consultant has been appointed to carry out a structural analysis of the existing sea wall at the back of the footpaths on Beach Road and Strand Road along the promenade and in the open section between the promenade and Sean Moore Park. These investigations are programmed to be completed by March 2015 and the results will determine what permanent flood alleviation measures may be structurally feasible in the future.

Councillor Kennedy called on the Traffic Advisory Group to deviate from normal parking policy and to allow zone parking permits for residents of Wilfield Road, Sandymount, allowing them to park on adjacent streets.

The creation of residential parking zones was previously considered in the 2011 review of the Dublin City Council Parking Control Bye-Laws but was deemed to be unworkable in practice, so there will be no action taken on this motion.

Compiled by Ferg Hayden