Transcend Trend with Kiki’s Booteeki

Kiki's Booteeki

Finding gems… Gilroy and La Femme
Pic: NewsFour’s Maria Shields O’Kelly

Earlier this week Karen Forrester – aka Kiki La Femme – welcomed NewsFour’s favorite fashion blogger, Judy Gilroy to her pop up shop on Haddington Road, where they discussed style through the ages.

Kiki’s Booteeki is a new venture that was suggested by Forrester’s mum Dorothy a number of months ago, and is set to take D4 by storm. “I believe in expressing individual style. My goal is to transcend trend”, says Kiki.

“As a fashion consultant I couldn’t agree more. My job is to help women realise their own sense of style”, Gilroy responds as she focuses in on a deep orange clutch that picked up a stripe in the dress she is holding, which most likely walked straight out of 1973. Responding to Gilroy’s comment on the recent popularity of vintage clothing and how reasonably priced the pieces here are, Kiki says, “When you think about a dress from the 60s and what that dress has been through, you are really getting quality when it reaches us now in such good condition.”

Gilroy spots a collection of bangles that would be ideal for our summer festivals. Her eyes light up when they fall upon the shoe collection, saying, “I don’t discriminate with shoes. I love them all equally.”

Kiki's Booteeki

La Femme and Gilroy showing dress with matching jacket in stunning red.
Pic: NewsFour’s Maria Shields O’Kelly

Kiki has a mailing list and keeps clients informed of her opening hours through Facebook. She would also do her best to accommodate if someone needed to shop for an event at short notice. “I love being able to talk to people and helping them to pick out pieces that reflect them as people. The big thing for me right now is the ‘Statement Piece’. I’d like to inspire people not to be swayed by fashion but instead to find the confidence to choose something that really catches them and that every time they put it on they feel great.”

The boutique’s ideal location on Haddington Road provides a relaxed atmosphere where Kiki is on hand to give advice and talk style, or leave you to have a rummage through the treasure chest of possible gems.

By Maria Shields O’Kelly