DCC Notes

Pictured: Ongoing development at Irishtown Stadium.

Pictured: Ongoing development at Irishtown Stadium.

The latest meeting of the Councillors of the South East Area with Dublin City Council occurred on the 11th May 2015. The issues in relation to Dublin 4 are outlined below.

Councillor Dermot Lacey asked about the income received from the parking machines at the car park adjacent to the former O’Shea’s Pub on Clonskeagh Road. Total income received from the meter at this location is €2,155 since the machine was commissioned in June 2014. The cost of installing the parking scheme at this location was approximately €7,500 with annual running costs of approx. €650 per year.

Cllr Lacey noted a problem about the fix on the road between St. Alban’s Park and the railway gates. It is not level with the road and the water is not flowing properly into the drains. Road Maintenance will inspect this section of road during heavy rainfall and advise of the outcome of this inspection.

Councillor Chris Andrews enquired about road repair outside George Reynolds House in Irishtown. The Area Maintenance Officer is sourcing suitable replacement cobble-lock for this area, and will make arrangements to have it laid when available.

Councillor Paddy McCartan requested the Council to deal with the maintenance issues at the green area adjacent to Stella Gardens, Irishtown. This has now been prioritised for grass cutting and improvements should be noticeable. Thinning of bothersome trees was undertaken and was beneficial to the remaining trees. The stumps have been removed.

He also asked when the 400m running track at Irishtown Stadium will become operational again. Construction works recommenced in late April on the track. The progress of the works is weather-dependant but it is anticipated the track will be operational by September 2015.

Cllr McCartan also enquired when the public tendering process will be undertaken to contract an operator to manage the operation of the East Link Toll Bridge. The available options are being explored in relation to the transfer of the East link operation to Dublin City Council with effect from 1st January 2016. DCC want to ensure that no adverse impact should be experienced by the affected staff. Employment entitles are to be honoured. DCC also state that there should also be no loss of income to the Council. All contractual and legal obligations are to be properly discharged. DCC will report to the Transportation SPC when they have definite arrangements to achieve the above outcomes.

Councillor Claire Byrne requested the Area Manager to fix the potholes on the stretch of Donnybrook Road between Brendan Road and Victoria Road as a matter of urgency. DCC could not ascertain these, but noted a “sink in the road surface” around three water valves and the matter was forwarded to Irish Water/drainage Dept for their inspection and repair. A minor pothole was noted on the Donnybrook Road alongside Tesco in the inbound lane, which has been added to the works programme for repair.

Cllr Byrne also requested the removal of one of the major planters from the island on Donnybrook Road between Auburn Avenue and Victoria Avenue, as local elderly residents are finding it difficult to cross the road here as there is no room to stand on the island. This is to be inspected as regards the safety of the general public and action taken as necessary.

Councillor Frank Kennedy requested the repair of a dangerous pothole on the Merrion Road, on the stretch of road between Merrion Church and the Merrion gates. It is in a very bad way and is causing cars to dangerously swerve to avoid it. It is to be kept under review until DCC make arrangements to investigate the cause with a dig. The area will be permanently reinstated as soon as is possible following this investigation.

Cllr Kennedy also asked the Area Manager for a full report on the flood defence works programme along the Dodder at Anglesea Road, and to bring about a faster rate of progress, in circumstances where local residents are concerned and frustrated at the pace of works.

DCC noted that virtually none of the existing river estuary walls, most of which are over 100 years old, have proven capable of resisting the designated tidal and river flood levels. Problems were outlined, such as one or two wall collapses by the Dodder River every year, which is an indication of the design life of many of the existing walls having been exceeded. Poor ground conditions in general have also created a significant amount of extra work.

Flooding of the river and tidal restrictions are another cause of delay. Significant reductions in work speed are also due to Inland Fisheries and National Parks and Wildlife statutory restrictions, which reduce possible work periods in order to preserve wildlife and the environment in the area, as far as is reasonably possible. The OPW workforce has doubled this year to combat this extra workload to some degree. Most of this work is subject to reasonable weather and ground conditions.

Cllr Kennedy also asked if the spraying of rat prevention material at Sandymount Strand was finished. Replies indicated that the Parks and Landscape Services Division operates a continuous controlled system of rat control at this location.

Cllr Kennedy requested that traffic calming measures be implemented at the intersections of Sandymount Road, Seafort Terrace and Sandymount Green. This has been referred to the Traffic Advisory Group for examination and report.

Councillor Mannix Flynn requested a report as to how many sandbags have been issued for flood prevention measures in the South East Area and requested other details about cost, effectiveness, and return rates. Sandbags are made available in two locations in the South East Area during a potential high tide – Strand Road in Sandymount and Stella Gardens in Ringsend. During an event, these containers are emptied by the residents. These sandbags are generally not returned. It is the responsibility of the householders to dispose of these bags. One-tonne bags are deployed by DCC at these locations, and are removed after the tidal event.

Cllr Flynn also requested DCC to issue a full report and update on the progress of the Chocolate Factory Park at Docklands. A new master plan landscape design has just been completed for Chocolate Park. Now that this is complete, DCC is moving ahead with the next stage of the project.

The next steps are a safety audit of the feature play element and the preparation of a Part 8 planning application to be presented to the Council so that this new Master plan is granted permission. Both of these steps are being put into action now. There are also legal considerations between the DDDA, DCC, and a private company with regard to ownership of portions of the park. Due to this complexity, which was not originally envisaged, the delivery timeframe has been extended.

Councillor Sonya Stapleton asked the Area Manager to investigate dog fouling at the back of Bride Street Lane, as well as dogs left roaming. DCC will make arrangements to ensure Dog Wardens and Litter Wardens to patrol Bride Street Lane and to distribute Green Dog Walker postcards, which inform dog owners of their responsibilities.

Councillor Kieran Binchy asked DCC to address the problem with dumping near the Sean Moore roundabout. The councillor noted large quantities of rubbish dumped and half-burnt behind the bollards. DCC reassured that Waste Management Services have the build-up of dumped rubbish removed from this location at a few different times during the year.

Cllr Binchy also requested the addressing of roadside issues about Pembroke Street Upper and on the carriageway on the Merrion Road. Utility companies have disrupted certain areas and DCC are seeking to have some of these sites returned to DCC for permanent reinstatement. The permanent reinstatements are prioritised depending on their severity. DCC will carry out the works as soon as they can make the necessary arrangements.

By Ferg Hayden