Small Change for Charity!

Make-A-Wish Coin Appeal

TV presenter and broadcaster Martin King launching the Make-A-Wish appeal for 1c and 2c coins.
Pic: Make-A-Wish Ireland

With government plans to remove the one and two cent coins from circulation following a successful trial in Wexford, Make-A-Wish Ireland is calling on people to donate their small change to charity.

Most of us have a stash of ones and twos, even if it is just what has dropped down the back of the sofa! Make-A-Wish aims to grant 175 wishes for children living with life-threatening medical conditions, and your small change would help make a great leap towards achieving this.

As Susan O’Dwyer, Chief Executive of Make-A-Wish points out: “While there are concerns this announcement will reduce revenue for charities, this decision by the Government is an opportunity for people to declutter and donate their small change which is gathering dust in jars and down the back of sofas to their favourite charity. We are appealing to the public and our supporters to choose to donate these coins to Make-A-Wish which we can turn into wishes for brave children who battle life-threatening illness such as cancer and cystic fibrosis every day. We have a target of 175 wishes to grant this year and every cent counts.”

Make-A-Wish has granted the wishes of over 1,700 children since it came to Ireland in 1992. Make-A-Wish ambassador, TV presenter and broadcaster Martin King, tells of their great work: “Charities like Make-A-Wish do fantastic work for brave children. They receive no government funding so now is our chance to turn coins into wishes and create life-long happy memories for seriously ill children and their families.”

You can donate your coins at any Maxol or Dealz store! For more information, visit the Make-A-Wish website.

By Aimée Mac Leod