DCC Notes

Pictured: MSC Splendida cruise liner being towed stern first into Dublin Port.

Pictured: MSC Splendida cruise liner being towed stern first into Dublin Port.

A range of tree pruning, street lighting, litter bin, pothole and footpath repair, and parking permits issues were brought to the attention of Dublin City Council by local councillors in the last two South East Area meetings. The council endeavour to take these issues head-on and are dealing with them in relation to their priority or validity. NewsFour reports on the following issues and requests from councillors that stand out in June and July 2015.

Regarding the plans for the relocation of the National Maternity Hospital in the grounds of St. Vincent’s Hospital, Councillor Claire Byrne acquired a commitment from DCC that once a draft design is available it is the intention of the team to arrange a number of events to show local groups about the proposal. This should be undertaken before 2016.

Councillor Paddy McCartan highlighted a concern about a rise in HGV traffic in the Tritonville Road, Pembroke Road, and Lansdowne Road areas. DCC note that concerns should be addressed to the Gardaí but DCC would also inform them in the recent Traffic Advisory Group meeting.

Cllr McCartan also asked about the removal of railings from Herbert Park as part of the Dodder flood alleviation works. The wall being constructed in Herbert Park is part of the River Dodder Flood Alleviation Scheme. DCC state that it is not a temporary structure and that a new link path into the park will also be created.

A motion from Councillor Paddy McCartan asked the Manager if a “Welcome to Ringsend / Irishtown” sign could be placed at some point on Bridge Street, Ringsend (South Lotts Road side of the bridge), and another similar sign saying “Welcome to Irishtown / Ringsend” could be placed near Irishtown Garda Station. A meeting will be arranged with the Ringsend/Irishtown Traders’ Association and the South East Area Office during which the above matter can be discussed.

Councillor Frank Kennedy previously asked about adequate signage and to install dog waste bins and scooping facilities in Ringsend Park and on the surrounding streets to deal with the problem of dog fouling. DCC noted there are currently anti-dog fouling notices at the locations at Ringsend Park. The Litter Warden for the South East area office has also recently visited the park and distributed dog-fouling bags to the dog walkers in the park.

Councillor Frank Kennedy also asked about inserting handrails on the steps which access the beach from the promenade on Sandymount Strand where rails are currently absent. This work is included on DCC’s current work schedule and will be undertaken as soon as possible.

Councillor Jim O’Callaghan asked the Chief Executive to outline the measures in place as part of Dublin City Council’s Dublin Cruise Traffic and Urban Regeneration Plan (CTUR) and work to date by the Council under this plan to actively promote cruise ship tourism to Dublin. DCC noted that the success of the CTUR depends on Dublin Port Company receiving planning permission from An Bord Pleanála and other consents from other agencies to allow it to construct the Alexandra Basin Redevelopment Project. As part of this project, existing berths would be reconstructed to allow large cruise ships berth adjacent to East Link Bridge.

Dublin City Council, in conjunction with the Dublin Port Company and the Dublin Docklands Development Authority, together with a Local Support Group, developed a Local Action Plan for CTUR. Since then, DCC and Dublin Port have been actively engaged in promoting cruise ship tourism to Dublin.

A Strategic Infrastructure Application has been submitted by Dublin Port to An Bord Pleanála for enhanced facilities at Alexander Basin to enable larger cruise ships to dock. This scheme, supported by DCC, is currently under consideration by An Bord Pleanála. Connectivity between the Port and the City Centre continues to be upgraded with the extension of Dublinbikes to the Point, and the Public Realm Strategy for the campshires within SDZ. There are long-term plans to extend the LUAS line closer to the Cruise Terminal.

Councillor Chris Andrews asked the Area Manager about an update on the progression of works on the Beaver Row footbridge over the Dodder in Donnybrook. The contractor has since lifted out and removed the bridge. The bridge will be restored and refurbished in a specialist facility off-site whilst the contractor is carrying out new foundation works on-site.

Councillor Dermot Lacey asked about a report submitted by residents of Sandymount in relation to a children’s playground. DCC state that options for a formal playground comparable to Herbert Park or Booterstown which are the nearest to Sandymount village are limited and the assessment of the residents reflect this fact. There is no funding for such a playground in this area in the current year.

Cllr Lacey also asked the Area Manager if he will report on the next phase of flood protection measures – post 2015 – along the River Dodder. Replies indicate that the current programme is for 70% of the flood works between Ballsbridge and Donnybrook Bridge to be completed by the end of 2015. The remaining 30% are programmed for 2016.

Councillor Mannix Flynn requested a full and comprehensive report from DCC with regard to planning applications in the docklands area under the Strategic Development Zone (SDZ) scheme. DCC replied that it will take time to compile the comprehensive report requested, which will then be forwarded to the Councillor. The City Council will prepare an Annual Progress Report detailing planning permissions granted, development commenced and / or completed, progress on objectives and progress on sustainability indicators.

Regarding the LondonBridge Slí na Sláinte, DCC confirmed that arrangements are being made to procure the required signage. BADRA has now secured funding from the Aviva Stadium for the project and the Slí na Sláinte will be launched in autumn 2015.

The Sandymount Green Conservation Study commissioned by the Parks Services had appointed Howley Hayes Conservation Architects to carry out a Conservation Study of Sandymount Green. Following on from a public meeting in Sandymount on 26th November 2014 in the public consultation phase, the Parks Services gave a presentation to local residents and groups in Sandymount on 7th July.

Many residents were not happy with the plans but the council’s head of parks service, Les Moore, said the presentation was “a study of the park, its origins and how it has evolved over a number of years”. Mr Moore added that, “It will inform any changes we make into the future.”

By Ferg Hayden