Sober Lane App Blast Off

pg 6 sober lane app

Irishtown’s Sober Lane staged the launch of a new app on the night of Thursday June 25th. NewsFour was on hand to report from the frontlines of the Sober Lane App inaugural, an application that is suitable for both iOS and Android devices.

The offer on the night was a free drink via use of the app, which was designed for the company by a group named Pop Team.

NewsFour sat down to speak with Ailbhe Gavin, one of the Irishtown branch’s managers, about what prompted the creation of the application. The company has embraced the use of such technology in the past, and the bar made local and national headlines when they initiated a recruitment drive through Snapchat several months ago, and this new concept is just a continuation of the successes that they have had in the past.

“It is a reward app,” Gavin told NewsFour. “We’re going to be having different offers going on all the time, where people can check in to the location and redeem different things. There will be a free drink with quizzes, deals on pizzas and things like that. The party tonight is to generate awareness of the app and get people used to using it.”

The party atmosphere on the night was in full swing with prizes, a DJ set, food, a balloon artist and of course a beer pong tournament. “We’re just out to have a lot of fun tonight,” Gavin reminded NewsFour.

The Sober Lane App will be available for the foreseeable future, with new ideas being introduced as time demands, and these offers are available at both of their venues in Dublin and Cork.

By Craig Kinsella