Canon Mooney Reunion

Picture courtesy Fr Ivan Tonge.

Picture courtesy Fr Ivan Tonge.

There is no better way to say community than with a good old get-together and the residents of Canon Mooney Gardens said it with gusto on August 22nd when they marked the end of the summer with a reunion for residents past and present.

Deirdre McGuinness was the energy behind the event when a suggestion from a neighbour stirred her to action and she got straight to work. “All the other flats around have had their renovations and celebrations and even though we’ve been overlooked for renovation so far, I thought, ‘Let’s have a party anyway. It will cheer people up!’”

The atmosphere from the children’s party, which was also held that day, carried on to the evening, where music played and people shared stories and memories of times gone by, as they ate and drank.

Father Ivan Tonge was present with his camera to record the merriment and everyone enjoyed the occasion. McGuinness tells NewsFour, “It was a great night, I am glad I went ahead with it. I have lived here all my life and it was great to see some of the old neighbours coming back like the Doyles and Tony Nugent. Parents, grandparents, old and young all around came to look at old photos from over 40 years ago. Some of the residents even made their toilets available for use and when the rain came we just sheltered under the balconies. It was really old-school and brought back fond memories of a close-knit community.”

Lorraine Barry from Ringsend and Irishtown Community Centre sponsored the chairs and Sueann Moore from the Spellman Centre designed the poster.

McGuinness added, “The feedback has been brilliant. My sister Liz Doyle was almost crying when she said, ‘I’m so proud’. We will concentrate on events for the children next year. After all, the children are the future.”

By Maria Shields O’Kelly