DCC Notes


Councillors Dermot Lacey and Paddy McCartan both requested an update on the Flood Protection works along the River Dodder. Flood Alleviation works are substantially complete on Beatty’s Avenue except for the flood glass panels programmed to be installed later this year and a short section at the bottom of Beatty’s Avenue required for OPW access. Works continue on the Shelbourne Road side of the river. These are to be completed in the first part of 2016.

Upstream of Ballsbridge, the flood wall in Somerset and Dunluce is two thirds complete. 100m of flood wall is completed in the Licensed Vintners. The wall on Anglesea Lane has been increased in height by 30cm. Further embankment works are delayed due to the discovery of two different types of protected species, and discussions with the National Parks and Wildlife Service on their possible relocation.

The flood wall between Ballsbridge adjacent to the Herbert Park Hotel Bridge is substantially complete. The low floodwall in Herbert Park is ongoing. The RDS wall has to be substantially strengthened and discussions are ongoing on this.

Councillor Chris Andrews asked why, given the flood relief works carried out, need remains for flood prevention measures in Stella Gardens every time there are high tides or heavy rain. DCC noted that any forecast high tide that approaches this very high tide level triggers a precautionary response from Dublin City Council to protect the residents of Stella Gardens.

He also asked for a progress update on the Ross Road playground development. Further consultation will be necessary with residents and the Dublin City Council Play Development Officer.

Cllr Jim O’Callaghan requested information on the location of city council allotments in the south east area for residents who wish to avail of them. There are two City Council allotments in the SEA – one in Herbert Park with 13 allotments and one in Ringsend with 34 allotments. A waiting list is in place for those wishing to avail of these.

Councillors Paddy McCartan and Kieran Binchy requested updates on coastal flood defences in Sandymount. The survey to determine the structural stability of the sea wall at Beach Road and Strand Road, Sandymount has now been carried out. There will be local public consultations prior to planning application to install 13 floodgates and minor raising of the existing wall along the entrances to the promenade to reduce the risk of flooding to very significant numbers of residents in Sandymount.

A second survey was carried out on the existing sea wall between Sean Moore Park and the Sandymount Promenade. According to a previous study, the level of this wall is required to be raised by one metre at the Sean Moore park end and approximately 0.5m at the Gilford Avenue end.

On information requested from Cllr McCartan, DCC stated that a local office for information purposes on the Poolbeg Incinerator will be located at the Junction Building at the corner of Macken Street and Pearse Street, and will operate Monday and Thursday between 09.30am to 12.30am.

Councillor Frank Kennedy also noted that the HGV ban on Newbridge Avenue, Sandymount is being flagrantly ignored on a daily basis. This has been forwarded to An Garda Síochána, Dublin Castle, for attention. He also asked about the condition survey of the baths on Sandymount Strand. The report will be presented to the October area committee meeting.

Councillor Claire Byrne requested the City Manager for a list of all major planning applications that have been submitted to the Grand Canal Dock Strategic Development Zone in the last 15 months. A list was provided and can be obtained from Cllr Byrne.

Cllr Byrne also asked about the barriers to long-term residential berthing in Grand Canal Dock and the scope for providing additional facilities and expanding the residential boating culture in Grand Canal Dock. She was informed that this is a matter for Waterways Ireland and the question will be referred to them for reply.