Monkey business in AIB

pg 17 aib gorrila-1

While walking over to Claremont Lawn Tennis Club, NewsFour took a diversion through Sandymount Village. Walking by the AIB on Main Street we got a surprise. We spied a gorilla!

Taking up most of the front window, with upraised thumbs, large brown eyes, and holding a placard, was a stuffed gorilla! Not something you see every day.

It turns out that O’Keefe Estates are running a Guerrilla Strategy Marketing Campaign, and to be different, took it quite literally, albeit with a pun-tastic twist. O’Keefe’s Gorilla campaign is certainly a head-turner.

Jonny O’Keefe, the creative mind behind O’Keefe’s marketing campaigns, has outdone himself this time with his gorilla display in AIB. The display marks a development from the lettings and investment management services they have successfully offered over the last 15 years. Already an established agent in letting property, they are now launching their maiden voyage into selling houses.

The use of the public space in the front window is part of a generous public-spirited Community Initiative by AIB Sandymount. It is well established now that any local business can request to advertise on the branch’s plasma television screen inside the branch.

The use of the front window is a pilot scheme that arose out of community consultation. Businesses in the area met with AIB Sandymount back in March for a Masterclass in Social Media.

According to Debbie Dyas of AIB, feedback from the class indicated that many local businesses would like to utilise the bank’s window on the main street to market campaigns. AIB graciously took on board the feedback and are running several campaigns in succession in their branch frontage until Christmas.

Any business interested in a marketing slot after Christmas in the window, or at any time on the plasma screen, should contact Debbie Dyas.

With rising rental prices arguably contrary to claims that the recession is over, we hope that O’Keefe’s garner considerable success with their latest campaign.

By Keith Murphy