Sober Lane Sleep Out Challenge

Sober Lane Sleep Out Challenge for Focus Ireland

Sober Lane’s Ernest Cantillon & Geraldine Carton hope to raise awareness and lots of money for Focus Ireland.
Pic: Allen Murphy

Take on a night of sleeping rough for charity!

Sober Lane is challenging you to face the grim reality of the minimum 5,000 people living homeless at any one time in Ireland, and sleep out overnight.

The Sleep Out Challenge will take place in Clanna Gael Fontenoy from 8pm on October 10, to 8am the following morning. There will be no heaters at this alcohol-free event, with participants encouraged to create their own entertainment, whether that is by bringing guitars or a pack of cards! Sober Lane will be opening its doors when the event finishes, laying on a free brunch to rejuvenate those who took part.

Participants are asked to raise €100 for Focus Ireland, a charity which has been fighting homelessness in Ireland since 1985.

The Sleep Out has been organised by the pub’s two branches, and will be happening simultaneously in Cork and Dublin, with the two events competing to see who can gather the most participants and raise the most money!

You can register your interest on the Sleep Out Challenge’s Eventbrite page, and sponsorship cards are currently available from Sober Lane.

By Aimée Mac Leod

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