SEA & ALONE’s Cold Weather Strategy

Cold Weather Strategy

Front: Tommy Curtis, Joan MacArthur and Esther McGrath, South East Area Older Persons Council, Lord Mayor Críona Ní Dhálaigh,
Back : Frank Lambe DCC, Inspector Martin Mooney Pearse St Garda Station and Karen Hogan of ALONE.
Pic: DCC

The South East Area Community Development team has connected with ALONE to create a cold weather strategy to help society’s more vulnerable people this winter.

From those without shelter to those who are isolated, SEA and ALONE are encouraging us all to be good neighbours and reach out to those in need.

SEA is also working with their Older Persons Council, the Age Friendly City Alliance, older persons units, Dublin City Council services and state services, local GPs, local Gardaí, and other local services such as pharmacies, shops, local business, and parish organizations, all with the aim of reminding them to keep an eye out for older people and others who are vulnerable, not just during Christmas, but throughout the winter.

According to the groups: “It can be a lonely time for many and a friendly call or a check in can help hugely. Older people themselves can also help as many are the most active in a community and can help others. We would also especially appeal to the younger generation to check on neighbors and help where possible. This campaign is about community development, social inclusion and intergenerational care.”

By Aimée Mac Leod