Cinema Roundup January 8th

Movie of the week - The Hateful Eight

Movie of the week – The Hateful Eight

We’ve only got two new movies this week, but one of them is a biggie. Quentin Tarantino’s latest is The Hateful Eight, which sees him sticking with the western genre following the misfire that was 2012’s Django Unchained. This one’s a lot more successful, though it has divided audiences Stateside. Yes, it’s as self-indulgent as anything the director has done in the past, but there are signs of maturity here, including some political commentary on America’s race issues. A movie at times insufferable but ultimately intoxicating.

A War

A War

The other release is A War, a Danish drama centred around the leader of a platoon of Danish troops who finds himself accused of war crimes following an incident in Afghanistan. The movie’s first half, which takes place in the warzone itself, is tense and thrilling; the subsequent court case not so much.

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