Red Bull Can You Make It? 2016

Red Bull #CanYouMakeIt16

Pic: Richmond Marketing

Calling all students! Red Bull wants to know: Can You Make It?

165 teams of students from 50 countries worldwide will need to cover 1,000 kilometres over the course of a week in April, starting from Barcelona, Prague, Florence, Berlin or Edinburgh and all leading back to a secret location!

With Checkpoint Challenges in cities across Europe, Adventure List tasks and a public vote, the winners will not necessarily be the first to cross finish line, but the ones who create the most epic journey possible. The challenge? Do it all with only cans of Red Bull as currency!

Teams must give up all forms of currency before setting off, and get their hands on all the essentials – food, a place to sleep, even transportation – using cans of Red Bull in exchange for these necessities.

To enter you must upload a minute-long video of your team of three current university students to the Red Bull Can You Make It? website, showing why you should be picked for this continental competition over other teams who will be entering from across the globe!

Entries close on February 14, with voting for teams opening that night!

By Aimée Mac Leod