Cinema Roundup February 19th

Movie of the Week - Bone Tomahawk

Movie of the Week – Bone Tomahawk

It’s a great week for new releases, headed up by Kurt Russell’s second western of recent months, the excellent Bone Tomahawk, in which Kurt’s sheriff gathers up a posse to rescue some townsfolk captured by a tribe of cannibals. Richard Jenkins steals the show as Russell’s charming, over the hill deputy, and the movie has the sort of easy-going, character based nature of the great westerns of old. Unmissable.


Tim Roth delivers a career best performance as a hospice nurse in the bleak but worthwhile drama Chronic. Split into three vignettes in which Roth cares for three terminally ill patients, the movie may test the patience of some, but if you can stomach it, it’s a rewarding and enlightening experience.

Triple 9

Triple 9 is an old school crime thriller with an all-star cast. the title refers to the US police code sent out when an officer is wounded or killed in action, which feeds into the plans of a group of criminals aiming to cause a diversion while they pull of a major heist. The movie is at times disjointed and confusing, as though some crucial scenes have been cut from this final version, but fans of classic crime thrillers will be satisfied.


Freeheld is based on a real life court case that saw a lesbian New Jersey cop attempt to have her lover acknowledged as her next of kin when struck by cancer. Julianne Moore is committed as ever but the movie takes a very light and at times offensive approach, with Steve Carrell unbearable as the worst sort of camp gay stereotype.

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