Mini Olympics prove to be great success at Railway Union

Pictured: Railway Union member Patrick Duffy.

Pictured: Railway Union member Patrick Duffy.

As this is an Olympic year and also because three of the Olympic team sports are played at Railway Union Sports Club, (Football, Rugby and Hockey), Kenny Carroll, Youth Co-ordinator at the Club decided it was a great opportunity for younger members and their friends to play all three sports on one day.

Friday March 18th, the start of Easter Holidays, was an ideal date for this Sports Blitz as other events and camps were not scheduled to start until the following week.

Modified versions of the sports specially adapted for younger participants were played throughout the morning. Boys and girls from 2nd to 6th class took part and beginners were especially encouraged to participate and for some it was an opportunity to play hockey for the first time along with five-a-side soccer and touch rugby.

Almost 100 children took part and enjoyed the experience and were each presented with a special t-shirt as a memento of the event. Hopefully, we will not have to wait until 2020 for another Mini Olympics and instead, such was the level of enthusiasm and approval from parents that it be held every year.

The 2016 Olympics in Rio marks the debut for rugby sevens at the Summer Olympics, though rugby union was last played at the 1924 Olympics. The Irish men’s hockey team will be taking part in Rio, the first Irish hockey team to qualify for an Olympics since 1908! There is no doubt that will give the sport a terrific boost.

Pictured: Eoin Barron.

Pictured: Eoin Barron.

It would be great to think that one of the participants in the Mini Olympics at Railway Union in 2016 might go on to represent their country at some future Olympics.

During the Easter Holidays, both football and hockey camps were successfully organised at Railway Union, giving a large number of children an opportunity to enhance their sporting skills in a friendly and supportive environment.

A multi-sports camp will be held during May mid-term and details will be distributed to all local schools.

Parents who would like their children to get involved in sport at the Club should contact Kenny Carroll, Youth Co-ordinator at:, or tel: 087 275 7486.