Poleeto – Enabling Stronger Political Communication


Poleeto allows for better communication between politicians and the public. (Image provided by Declan Burrowes)

Poleeto is a new civic and political social network that will connect Dublin politicians to the public. The aim of this is to allow for a better and easier method for them to communicate with each other.

Once they register an account, residents will be able to connect directly with their elected representatives and local communities. They can do this within the three “Communities” – a local forum that allows interaction with councillors, a national forum for communicating with TDs and a Europe forum to connect with MEPs.

The site will allow users to gain a better understanding of how the government functions and of the differences between the policies of the various political parties, as well as become better acquainted with the election candidates. It will also benefit the other side by allowing elected representatives and political parties to learn more about their supporters and constituencies through real-time data analytics.

Poleeto was founded in February 2015 by Declan Burrowes, Dennis Theurer and and Dan Reilly, all of whom are graduates of Trinity College. It was created to provide contact details for politicians and information on election candidates and the government in general, later evolving into a social network.

The site is an impartial platform that prides itself on being unbiased, with representatives and members of the public at liberty to express their policies and ideologies.

Public registration begins today and access is free for everyone. Users can register to the site through Facebook and Twitter. Registration can be done at the website: https://www.poleeto.com/

By Kevin Carney