Start Your Career with the Gradireland FYI Careers Showcase

Pictured Above: The RDS Facade.

Pictured Above: The RDS Facade.

Choosing the right career can be difficult, so the GradIreland FYI Career Showcase can make the process easier for those who are unsure what to do moving forward.

There is no need to get stressed out, as the point of this event is not for a person to decide what they will do for the rest of their life, but to help them find jobs that they are suited to. A wide variety of employment sectors will be covered, with attendants being given the opportunity to know what skills are needed to succeed in a particular line of work so that they can make informed career decisions.

The event is primarily intended for First and Second Year undergraduates who are in prime position to begin making decisions about the career that they will pursue. Students will have better chance of gaining employment after graduation if they start planning for it early.

But while it is ideal to start making preparations right out of the gate, some may find this overwhelming or be unsure about what they want to do. Therefore, this event sets out to ease their minds by giving them a solid plan to obtain their desired career, or to point them in the direction of a job that is suited to their skills.

With over 12,000 different job titles, there is no limit to the career paths that a person can potentially follow. Graduates who have gone on to have successful careers will be in attendance at this showcase to share their experiences along the way, both good and bad, with students who are about to follow this same path and enter the real world for the first time.

The job market is more diverse than it ever has been, but is also more competitive. The GradIreland FYI Career Showcase guides students on the right path by letting them know the skills they will need to develop to not only achieve their desired career, but to perform to the necessary standard once they do.

The event runs from 12am to 4pm on 12 April 2016 at Simmonscourt, RDS. Entry to the event is free, but those wishing to ensure a place must register at

By Kevin Carney