Donnybrook TidyTowns debuts new website


Donnybrook TodyTowns will continue looking after the village.
Image by Sarah777 on Wikimedia Commons.

Donnybrook TidyTowns have launched a new website.

With this website, Donnybrook TidyTowns aims to give some flavour and information on what they do and how they do it. The site is located at and will feature regular updates on events and cleanup exercises in the area.

The site also details the constitution followed by the movement, as well as its plans for the future. There is also an email address and a contact form that people can use to send their messages and queries to the organisation directly.

The movement is run by volunteers who are passionate about the village, the community and its appearance. Among their duties in the area are managing the planting and floral arrangements, representing the village in regional and national competitions and organising community events throughout the year.

The home page features the following statement:

TidyTowns is not just about hanging baskets, floral displays or clean streets. It’s much much more than that. Of course it’s about showcasing our Village and what it has to offer, but it is also about promoting our community and what it has to give.

By Kevin Carney