Fun at Ringsend Dog Show

Above and below: A happy day was had by both dogs and their owners.

Above and below: A happy day was had by both dogs and their owners.

Ringsend’s first-ever dog show was held on Saturday, April 30th in Ringsend Park. On a cold but sunny day, dog lovers and locals alike gathered for a day of fun, prizes, hampers and dogs! This is part of the Ringsend Community Week that ran from April 26th to May 2nd with the annual May Day parade.

The event was facilitated by DCC, the local community and volunteers trying to advocate the work of dog shelters such as the Ashtown Dog Pound.

The event was presented by Robert Chester of Dublin City Council and Edel Swords, who works with Boxer Rescue Ireland. The dog show was judged by Liz Dyer, who works for a dog rescue service rescuing German Shepherds and Boxers.

There were 36 registered performers in the show, in the 12 categories of: best puppy bitch, best puppy dog, best adult bitch, best adult dog, best veteran dog/bitch, best child handler, best child handler over nine years old, best handled by a lady, best dog with a trick, best groomed and then best in show.

The show commenced at 11.30am with a warm welcome to a large. attentive audience and was presided over by the Lord Mayor of Ringsend, Alice Foley.

Each winner is entered into the best in show, and each winner will feature in the Irish Kennel Club magazine. Dogs of all types were welcomed to participate, both mongrels and pedigree alike.

Only one contestant entered for the first category of best puppy bitch which was Oriel the poodle. Competitors for the prize of best puppy dog included Ruby the labradoodle, Levi the cocker spaniel, Caesar, Kanye West the bulldog and Alfie the cockapoo “who loves to munch on his owners’ glasses and his owners’ bras.”

Levi the cocker spaniel Cavalier won first prize in this category. In the middle of all this, spot prizes were given out to the audience.

Donal Moroney of the Ashton Dog Pound spoke about the rules and regulations on handling dogs, keeping dogs on a lead, keeping particular breeds muzzled, the importance of pet hygiene and about whether each person present had microchipped their dog. After this a special “doggy” hamper was given out after certain attendees answered each question correctly.

There was a Golden Bones competition for those competitors who bore a striking resemblance to their pet! Out of these selected competitors, there was a golden bone “champion” where the audience had a shout-off for Gavin and his bearded pug dog! Each contestant was presented with a bag of dog food.

Kyra the Staffordshire won best adult bitch. In the field of best male adult dog, there was Ozzy who is a “super mix of everything, between a Maltese and a Shih Tzu”; Harvey the whippet; Bones the “affectionate” 11 year old German shepherd; Trooper the whippet who “loves to give kisses”; Texas the springer spaniel “who is half-dog, half-kangaroo”; Buster the cockapoo; Paul the dachshund; and Michael Jackson the Yorkshire terrier. First prize went to Paul the dachshund for his well-trained skills and obedience when walking.

The fifth category was for the best veteran dog or bitch, including Jake the German pointer (with his owners Erica and Sean), Ruby the dachshund (the mother of competition winner Paul!) and Dingle the wheaten terrier. Two packs of dog food were given to Jake the “half blind” German pointer who took the first prize.

Winner of the category for child-handlers under-8 was Ruby the Yorkie (who survived two oncoming trains after having been trapped in the middle of the railway lines!) and her owner Zara. Two packs of doggy food were given to Ruby who was awarded first prize.

Spot prizes were awarded for the first child who could do a cartwheel, with spotless steel bowls given out as prizes. A hamper was given to a “gentleman who could do a cartwheel”. Goodie bags were handed out to the audience, who shouted in great enthusiasm. Charlie the two year old Labrador and Chloe his owner were awarded first place for the over-8 child handler category.

Dog Show 2

Among the seven contestants for the category of “Dogs handled by a lady” we had Blue, a beautiful lilac-coloured Staffordshire terrier, who gave both paws to Fiona his owner, Harvey the greyhound who “shares his food bowl with a rabbit who is also his best friend” and Michael Jackson the nimble Yorkshire terrier, who took first place for his well-co-ordinated runs on the lead.

Winner of the category “handled by a gent” was Moya the gargantuan-sized, furry malamute husky dog who was adopted by Peter his adolescent owner “after he decided to take her off her previous owner before she could be put down.”

The prize of best dog was given in the category of “Dog with a trick” and was awarded to Manny the dog who has been called the “Packie Bonner” of dogs. Manny was in goals, where he caught both a short and long ball from his owner Noel. Both Noel and Manny had a photo taken afterwards with a Teddy bear and a hamper awarded.

All the category winners were narrowed down to a selected four contestants where Moya the husky won Reserve Best in Show and Paul the dachshund won Best in Show with his owner Cormac.

“It was a fantastic day, with a great attendance to this event and good behaviour from the dogs”, said Robert Chester in summing up what was a day of great fun, mischief, a moment where animals and humans bonded and definitely one filled with great stories!

By Robert Fullarton