New waste management system launches today


List of locations of Bag Areas in Dublin 4.
Image provided by Martina Campbell (Administrative Officer, Environment and Transportation Department).

On order from Dublin City Council, there will be designated areas throughout the city for the presentation and collection of waste in bags. This will begin on Friday July 1st in accordance with criteria issued by the Department of Environment Community and Local Government.

Intended to create an organised system of waste management, this new measure has been brought into effect as a reaction to problems such as litter caused by ripped bags, litter caused by fly tipping on streets where bag collections take place and lower presentation rates of food waste and dry mixed recyclables. Hence, it is intended that this will bring an end to the collection of household waste in bags.

A list of the many designated areas has been released that will be in effect for sixth months, and will be reviewed within the six months following that.

The following is a list of areas within Dublin 4 that will be designated for waste collection:

  • Barrow Street
  • Bath Avenue Place
  • Bath Street
  • Bridge Street
  • Cambridge Avenue
  • Cambridge Square
  • Celestine Avenue
  • Church Avenue
  • Dermot O’Hurley Avenue
  • Dodder Terrace
  • Dodder View Cottages
  • Doris Street
  • Fairview Avenue
  • Fitzwilliam Street
  • Gerald Street
  • Gordon Street
  • Hastings Street
  • Havelock Square
  • Havelock Terrace
  • Herbert Place
  • Home Villas
  • Hope Street
  • Howard Street
  • Joy Street
  • Kennedy Court
  • Margaret Place
  • Martins Terrace
  • Oliver Plunkett Avenue
  • Ormeau Street
  • Park Lane
  • Parkview Place
  • Pembroke Cottages
  • Pembroke Street
  • Penrose Street
  • Philomena Terrace
  • Ringsend Place
  • Rosary Terrace
  • Saint Brendan’s Cottages
  • Saint Broc’s Terraces
  • Saint Magdalen Terrace
  • Saint Patrick’s Villas
  • Somerset Street
  • South Dock Place
  • South Dock Street
  • Strasburg Terrace
  • The Square
  • Thorncastle Street
  • Veronica Terrace
  • Victoria Cottages
  • York Road


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By Kevin Carney