The Big Lie In

Big Lie In

Some people run 26-mile marathons for charitable organisations. Some run coffee mornings. Harold’s Cross and Blackrock Hospice and Care Services, however, have asked people to do absolutely nothing.

That’s right. On Sunday April 17th, their fundraiser requested that participants stay in bed all day. The Big Lie In, as it is called, proved to be a lot harder than it sounded. Staying in bed all day is not as easy as one might think.

When your alarm is used to sounding at dawn, the idea of sleeping until 9.00am can seem like heaven, though I am guessing the novelty will start to wear off pretty soon after that.

A local D4 business, who wish to remain anonymous, co-ordinated the fundraiser from their offices. They support the Our Lady’s Hospice and St. Francis Hospice in Raheny because both places have looked after friends, family and work colleagues in the past and the work they do is outstanding.

There was a lot at stake for the company in what was the first ever Big Lie In. One of their employees is planning her wedding and was hoping to win a day off to prepare but alas, it was not to be. Perhaps the actual winner will donate her day off as a wedding gift! It was all in good heart and they are looking forward to taking part in the next fundraiser.

Carina O’Neill, communication’s manager for the charity, said, “We understand that this event isn’t for everyone. We’ve kept it flexible so people can do whatever works for them and their lives but most people taking part are planning to spend the day in bed – we think it will be harder than it sounds!”

There were no shortage of innovative ideas among participants as O’Neill tells NewsFour about some of them. “One supporter is going to wear a bed hat while walking in the Dublin mountains while some people are planning PJ parties with their grandchildren. We have over 50 Corporates planning to do a draw for a day off. Everyone chips in €10 to get their name in the hat and the winner gets a day off to spend lazing in bed. We have some schools organising a non-uniform pyjama day and two girls camping out in a bed in Harvey Normans in Carrickmines for the day! The participants range in ages from 12 years old to 86 years old, which proved it really is an event that anyone can join!”

Our Lady’s Hospice is a charity that is close to the hearts of many, providing specialist care for those with a wide range of needs from rehabilitation to end-of-life care. In 2015, they provided loving care to over 1,800 individuals in Harold’s Cross and Blackrock and made over 11,200 specialist palliative home care visits in South Dublin.

There is a full calendar of events and next up is the Hospice Open Gardens, which began in May and will continue throughout the summer into August. This fun initiative which sees people open up their gardens to visitors in order to raise much-needed funds has been running since 2011. Tina Connell, Fundraising Manager of Blackrock Hospice says, “We are actively looking for gardening enthusiasts to come on-board and join our trail. We gladly welcome all gardens big or small, urban and rural. All that is required is someone who is passionate about their garden and is happy to host and invite people to come along on the day.

“Our team will assist you with planning your day and you can open on a date that suits you best. Most gardens are open to the public. However, some people organise a private garden party inviting their neighbours and friends to enjoy their outdoor space for a donation to our services.”

Those interested in taking part should contact Tina Connell, Blackrock Hospice on 01-2064043 or email:
The Our Lady’s Hospice, calendar of events, can be viewed here for all who may wish to take part in or organise a fundraiser for this wonderful service.

By Maria Shields O’Kelly