Council’s Sandymount Coastal Defence Scheme


Image by William Murphy on Wikimedia Commons.

Dublin City Council has set up plans to repair the damage caused by flooding of the coastline between Sean Moore Park and Merrion Gates. The flooded areas were analysed and solutions are being put into effect to reduce the risk of flooding in the future.


Work has already been carried out at Merrion Gates, and the next stage will take place along the promenade between St. Alban’s Park and Gifford Avenue. The work taking place in this area will include the installation of flood gates at vehicular and pedestrian accesses as well as raising the existing back of the footpath wall along the promenade. The raising of the existing wall will vary between 1mm and 360mm along the promenade.

The Council, Regional Projects and the Flood Advisory Office will host a formal meeting in the Sandymount Hotel on Thursday July 21st from 4pm to 7pm. The purpose of this public gathering is to discuss the Coastal Flood Defence Scheme, with local residents and interested parties all invited to attend.

By Kevin Carney