Village Improvement Plan for Ringsend

Above: Marc Campbell of Mitchell and Associates and Brian Kirk of DCC. Photo by Sandra Hawkins.

Above: Marc Campbell of Mitchell and Associates and Brian Kirk of DCC. Photo by Sandra Hawkins.

Dublin City Council (DCC) have helped to draw up a local Environment Improvement plan for the community of Ringsend and Irishtown, with the first of two public meetings which was held on June 8th at the Ringsend Irishtown Community Centre.

The workshop was attended by members of the public, including local Ringsend and Irishtown Community Centre staff, members of the local Youth Group – RICCY, local councillors Paddy McCartan and Dermot Lacey and concerned members of the community.

The meeting was opened by Brian Kirk of DCC, where he discussed the key issues of the agenda, discussing the improvement plan that was provisionally laid out, with a request made by Councillor Dermot Lacey to make “changes to the library plaza,” facing Clyne’s Butchers. This plan has also been further approved by Councillor Mannix Flynn, who has motioned for the plan to be put into force.

The discussion was chaired by Marc Campbell of Mitchell and Associates, with a presentation of plans drawn up and each key issue discussed in turn on the agenda. Campbell stated that the “meeting is to canvass ideas for Ringsend and Irishtown.”

Access to the library plaza was discussed, on the matter of making the village more accessible to pedestrians. Proposals mentioned were the issues of the car park being almost constantly full, removing the barriers adjoining the library, reducing the width of the road that goes round the bend opposite the plaza to reduce the speed of traffic for measures of safety. It was also queried on whether there was easy access to the library and whether a farmers’ market or fish market in the square might be a good idea to give appeal to the area. Campbell discussed whether the plaza should be restructured and redesigned and showed slides for possible designs to be implemented.

Ideas about Ringsend Park were also discussed, including the need for lighting along certain stretches of the perimeter of the park, especially around the entrance facing Cambridge Road.

Campbell particularly highlighted the issue of the railings that separate the park and Irishtown Stadium. He emphasised the idea that there should be easier access to the park and to the stadium. He believed that this in turn will grant easier access for An Garda Síochana, also adding that the railings to the park entrance at Cambridge Road should be widened beyond the trees, for easier access to the park.

Campbell stated that the park needs to be sufficiently lit and this is an issue to discuss, and that there should be signs from the Pigeon House Road and Cambridge Road directing people to the park, and seats for elderly citizens.

At the end of the talk, attendees were asked to write down any of their comments, concerns and questions regarding the plan and how they would like to draw it up. Further ideas and contributions to the Local Environment Improvement Plan can be sent to or the South East Area Office, Dublin City Council, Block 2, Floor 4, Civic Offices, Dublin 8.

This issue is ongoing and will continue with a further workshop, to be announced in the future with a finalisation of the plan.

By Robert Fullarton