Spanish language film in Pearse Street Library

Pearse Street Library

Pearse Street Library will host a screening of the Spanish language film La Sonrisa Verdadera (True Smile) tomorrow evening.

A 2014 documentary written and directed by Juan Rayos and co-written by Juan Manuel Aznárez Rosado, it follows the latter and his brother Sergio on an incredible journey.

Over the course of the film, the two brothers cycle from their home city of Cuenca in Castille-La Mancha to Tinehir in Morocco. The 30-day trip takes them through remote desert and mountainous regions as they travel the 1,300 kilometres.

The task the brothers gave themselves was made especially difficult by the fact that Sergio is both blind and autistic. He has refused to let these difficulties hold him back and has proven his determination many times by playing the piano and several percussion instruments, tap dancing, singing in a choir, practicing yoga, swimming and riding horses.

In 2013, he rode in tandem with his brother Juan Manuel as they set out on the extraordinary journey that is the subject of this film. They made their way across great distances to meet up with Sergio’s friend Matilde in her remote village in the Atlas Mountains. She was the first person outside of his family to connect with Sergio and help him see the world through her eyes.

The film, which is in Spanish with English subtitles and is 82 minutes long, will begin at 5.30pm. Viewers can arrive at 5pm for refreshments and chat.

By Kevin Carney