Autumn health: reset and recharge


Unfortunately, summer has officially come to an end; the nights are getting shorter, there is a chill in the air and we begin to crave those autumnal comfort foods. To me, autumn is my absolute favourite time of the year.

It is full of comfy sweaters, long walks with the vibrant colours of the trees and an excuse to add pumpkin spice to just about everything. As the evenings begin to get darker earlier, our bodies naturally become more tired and we can end up relying on comfort foods and staying indoors to get us through the dark, cool nights.

Naturally, we are exposed to less sunlight during the transition from summer to autumn and again from autumn to winter. When we get less sunlight our brain produces more melatonin, which can make us feel more tired and less energetic than normal.

Autumn is the perfect time to reset and recharge going into winter. If you begin incorporating some healthy routines and healthy habits early, you will be better able to beat those early winter blues!

Here are some top tips to help reset and recharge going into autumn.

Make a New Recipe: Take time in the kitchen and try out a new recipe. Pick a day of the week where you take the time to cook and have fun in the kitchen. Find a healthy alternative to your favourite comfort foods and incorporate some mood-boosting foods (see below) in your recipes. Not only will you feel better, cooking gives you some time to get creative and put a healthy spin on old favourites. Try a healthy coconut curry or roasted sweet potato with coconut oil and cinnamon.

Try a New Workout: We shouldn’t dread exercise and rather it should be something we enjoy. If we enjoy the workout we’re doing it will be more likely that we’ll continue doing it. If you begin forcing yourself to constantly get to the gym or do a workout that you just don’t like, chances are you will stick with it for a couple weeks and then stop. You have to find something that works for you. Most studios and gyms offer introductory offers for many classes so you don’t have to spend a fortune on something you may not like. Try a yoga or pilates class, a HIIT workout or a nice walk in the evening. As long as you are moving your body, you will get a ton of benefits from whatever you choose to do.

Limit Sugar: Sugar is found in just about everything these days. Not only does sugar cause us to gain weight, it takes a toll on our energy and mood as well. The list goes on and on with the harmful effects that sugar has and when it begins to get cooler and our energy naturally drops we can crave the sweet stuff. Processed sugar contains no vitamins or minerals, it raises risk of disease, is very addictive and causes mood swings. Try limiting any processed sugar and make sure to check your labels for hidden sugars. Your mind, body and waistline will thank you for it.

Incorporate mood-boosting foods: In addition to limiting sugar, there are a ton of foods you can incorporate into your diet to help ease the transition. There is plenty of research showcasing the food-mood connection and there are plenty of foods that have been proven to boost mood. Staying hydrated with water and herbal teas and adding dark chocolate, oily fish such as salmon, bananas, sweet potatoes, spinach, blueberries, walnuts, eggs and oats into your diet will help you feel better.

So why not try some dark chocolate instead of reaching for that dairy milk at the end of the day. Not only will it boost your mood, you’ll avoid mood swings, energy crashes and weight gain.

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Mood boosting recipes to lift your mood going into autumn!

By Jaclyn Doyle