Talk on Gamma-Ray Bursts in UCD this evening


Image by European Southern Observatory on Wikipedia.

UCD Astrophysicist Dr. Antonio Martin-Carillo will give a talk on Gamma-Ray Bursts this evening at 6.30pm in the O’Brien Centre for Science.

Associated with the death of massive stars, Gamma-Ray Bursts are the most energetic explosions in the universe. Dr. Martin Carillo will discuss the knowledge that astrophysicists have gained over the last 50 years in regard to these short and powerful explosions.

The study of astrophysics is a particularly difficult practice, with participants unable to interact directly with that which they are observing. They are also unable to set up conditions where an experiment can be repeated, instead having to wait for events such as solar flares from the sun, the passage of an extrasolar planet across its star or even the death of a star.

“Gamma-Ray Burst Astrophysics: Playing Detective with the Universe” is open to everyone and no registration is required.

By Kevin Carney