Plans for Glass Bottle Housing Action Group


The Irish Glass Bottle Housing Action Group has set out its agenda for the immediate future.

The first of the upcoming events will be a pub quiz on Thursday November 10th. The fundraising group is seeking help and financial support from all businesses based in the Dublin 4 area.

On Wednesday November 16th there will be a public meeting in which the group will showcase the progression of its plans to councillors and residents of the area. The night will also see the group lobbying councillors to make sure they have support both publicly and in the council chamber. The group has shown plans to the Dublin City Council.

The group will be taking action at 5pm on Monday December 5th by holding a demonstration outside City Hall. The aim of this demonstration is to call on the councillors to support the demand for 100% Social, Affordable, Co-operative and Co-Housing. If the SDZ is on the agenda, the group will seek access to the public gallery for the purpose of observing this.

Finally, there will be a press conference held in the city centre at lunch time on Tuesday December 6th where the group will publicly present its plan to the politicians and residents. The venue has not yet been decided.

By Kevin Carney