Flood cover insurance

Pictured:The devastating aftermath of the Ringsend floods in February 2002.

Pictured:The devastating aftermath of the Ringsend floods in February 2002.

The Sandymount coastal flooding defence scheme along with the flood alleviation works by the River Dodder have been ongoing since summer 2013, with the continuity of work having been added in instalments.

The issue of flooding and the recesses of tidal currents have been an ongoing issue for residents for many years.

NewsFour have previously covered the difficulties of various house-owners in the D4 area obtaining flood insurance cover, due to risk calculations of insurance companies leaning on the ultra-cautious side.

Dolmen Insurance Brokers Ltd are now offering flood cover insurance to the Irishtown, Ringsend and Sandymount area for homes that the local insurance market will not cover. These policies will be underwritten by Lloyds of London.

James Burke, Associate Director of Dolmen Insurance Brokers Ltd spoke about the issues related to locals obtaining a quotation for flood defence insurance.

“As an underwriter and broker for 25 years and a home owner in Sandymount for 12 years, I am aware that there is a major issue in obtaining flood cover for properties that have never experienced flood damage before. This is the same for Irishtown and Ringsend.”

However, he noted restrictions on what they can offer: “It is important to note that we will not be offering flood cover at present for properties that have already had a pre-existing record of flood damage. We will be offering flood cover to those who find it impossible to obtain flood cover, but have never been flooded before.”

Pictured: The after effects of flooding in Ringsend.

Pictured: The after effects of flooding in Ringsend.

Potential clients need to check out three requirements for eligibility for flood cover through Dolmen Insurance Brokers.

Firstly they must check the online national flood hazard mapping site, Floods.ie, for a viewing and understanding of the history of the property and the flood-risk area in which it lies.

The second requirement for any potential client would be for them to get an up-to-date letter from Dublin City Council confirming the probability of flood risk to the property mentioned. This letter is obtained from the Regional Projects and Flood Advisory Office at the Environment and Transport Department room 412b at 68/70 Marrowbone Lane, Dublin 8.

Potential clients are then asked to fill out a questionnaire at Dolmen Insurance Brokers Offices at 37/41 Butterly Business Park, Artane, Dublin 5.

“We will only be able to present the property for consideration to insurers once we have all three requirements fulfilled,” said Burke.

By Robert Fullarton