Ringsend College School Library

Above, left to right: Malcolm Denby, Nathan Purcell, Evan Kelch, Librarian: Lorna Vogelsang, Lord Mayor Brendan Carr, Principal: Tommy Brown, Jasmine Delaney, Rebecca Maher, Fathia Alade.

Above, left to right: Malcolm Denby, Nathan Purcell, Evan Kelch, Librarian: Lorna Vogelsang, Lord Mayor Brendan Carr, Principal: Tommy Brown, Jasmine Delaney, Rebecca Maher, Fathia Alade.

On Friday November 11th, Ringsend College officially launched the opening of its school library with Dublin’s Lord Mayor Brendan Carr, Councillor Dermot Lacey, Senator Kevin Humphreys, Minister Eoghan Murphy, Jim O’Callaghan TD and several other councillors of the DCC South East Area constituency.

There were around 50 people there in attendance for the official opening of the library, with representatives of Larkin Community College, parents, student prefects and retired staff members. The event was hosted by school principal Tommy Browne, Deputy Principal Fiona Whitney and school librarian Lorna Vogelsang.

Cakes, biscuits and other savoury treats were all offered for a warm welcome to all who attended for the library’s official opening. The students at the school have been enjoying the library for the past seven weeks before the official opening. The school library is based upon Dublin’s JCSB (Junior Cert School Board) system of libraries.

“First, second and third class students all have library classes once a week,” said librarian Lorna Vogelsang. “There are chess sessions, anime classes, computer classes, use of the internet, a book club, and students come to do their homework in the solitude of the library. Students are expected to have a book in their bags at all times, to encourage reading, both in school and at home.”

Ringsend library itself has been twinned with the Larkin Community College, where Vogelsang herself previously worked with two other librarians as part of the JCSB library system.

“They have a Junior Cert Schools Library Programme and we are trying to model this library on the JCSB library system. This is the grand opening of our new library. It is to let people know that the library is open for business and to thank everybody who was involved in setting up the library. Funds have been provided for by the CDETB (City of Dublin, Education & Training Board) and by Aviva, who paid for the carpets, the tables and the chairs.”

A large room in the centre of the school on the first floor, being partially vacant, was turned into the school library with a fund provided by Aviva. Principal Tommy Brown of Ringsend College stated that “over six weeks throughout the summer the library was developed. It’s all part of a major building project, the rooms will be refurbished and the library was just the first step in the building project, the next step will be the refurbishment of the school science laboratory.

“The school has been going through a lot of changes, we have younger teachers, with a new intake. For instance, the school itself has grown in its numbers and there are now 200 students here in the college,” he added.

Various clubs have been organised in the library at lunchtime breaks, with the hope of improving literacy skills, issues relating to numeracy and the basic mental engineering of school work. The library itself is open before school hours.

Vogelsang went on to explain the benefits that the library provides for the future of the school: “We have a lego lunch where students can use their imagination and also improve their use of maths and basic learning. Students will also learn the basics of scratch code, which helps students in their pursuit of computer science. The library is reaching out to parents and guardians of students to help with their reading at home and this in turn will help with general student exam results.”

There were also various book awards to encourage and reward students for their interest and contribution to the library. First Year pupil Evan Harte won an award for designing a beautiful new bookmark for the school. First Year pupil, Fathia Alade won an award for being the first student to use the library services outside of school hours. Paula Knowd and her son Aaron won an award for being the first student to borrow a book from the library!

More information about the library and upcoming events is available on the school’s website: ringsendcollege.ie, on Facebook and on the school Twitter account at @RingsendC.

By Robert Fullarton