The Cinema Corner – March 10th

Movie of the week – Elle

We’ve only got two releases this week, but one is a must see. Stirring debate since its debut at last year’s Cannes Film Festival, Paul Verhoeven’s controversial Elle finally arrives in Dublin cinemas. French legend Isabelle Huppert is simply outstanding as a rape victim who conducts her own investigation into the man responsible. The plot twist is where the movie becomes divisive, and critics are torn on whether Verhoeven’s film is feminist propaganda or a male fantasy. You’ll decide for yourself, but either way it’s undeniably powerful.

Kong: Skull Island

If that sounds a bit heavy, Kong: Skull Island is big dumb fun, but only to a point. Keeping everyone’s favourite giant ape on his own island means we miss the thrill of witnessing him destroy a modern metropolis, and the human characters are cardboard cut outs, there only to be torn apart by Kong’s giant hands.

By Eric Hillis of