The Cinema Corner – June 2nd

Movie of the week – After the Storm

When it comes to observational human drama, no other filmmaker currently comes close to Japan’s Hirokazu Koreeda. His latest, After the Storm, completes a loose trilogy of films exploring family dynamics. It’s the story of a down on his heels private eye determined to win back his ex-wife. Refreshingly, the film makes it clear that these people don’t belong together. Elderly actress Kirin Kiki is thoroughly charming as the protagonist’s long-suffering mother.

Wonder Woman

If it’s summer that means superheroes, and the latest is Wonder Woman. Female led comic book movies have a terrible track record, and this one has its share of flaws. The first half is a colourful and fun romp, but it devolves into the sort of nihilistic nonsense we’ve become accustomed to from adaptations of DC comics.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

This week the Lighthouse kicks off ‘Hepburn Forever’, a season of movies starring Hepburns Audrey and Katharine. The former takes centre stage first with screenings of her most iconic film, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, on Saturday and Sunday. Breakfast will be served before the screening, and if you want the full Holly Golightly experience, booze is optional.

By Eric Hillis of