There’s something special about today.

Summer Solstice at Stonehenge

Did you wake up this morning feeling a little strange? Does it seem like there are too many hours in the day? Are you reading this at night and wondering why you still haven’t switched on the lights yet?

If so, you can relax. You’re simply experiencing the dizzying effects of the Summer Solstice, an annual event that marks the longest day of the year, and sees Dublin bask in over 16.5 hours of daylight.

While the only ones likely to object to the continuous brightness may be those of the vampire persuasion, spare a thought for our northern Scandinavian cousins who will today experience a full 24 hours without darkness.

And if you’re passing the Hill of Tara and witness a gathering of crusty tree-huggers banging drums and chanting ancient verse, no need for concern, this is simply a pagan tradition that dates back thousands of years in a celebration of the first day of Summer.

Anyway don’t worry, tomorrow will be back to normal.

By: Paul O’Rourke