Shellybanks school mark end of year

Children gather for milestone assembly. Courtesy of Shellybanks Educate Together

Shellybanks’ Educate Together National School held their end of year assembly on the morning of June 23rd outside the main entrance to the school.

This growing school is based in Sandymount and is currently located near the RDS grounds, though there are plans to move it in the near future to the site formerly owned by Rehab, near the beach in Sandymount.

Parents gathered to hear about the school activities and events that had taken place during the year. Principal, Johanne O’Sullivan, began by thanking the teachers and staff, the parents and committees as well as the children themselves, who had “worked hard at school and with their songs” during the year.
The end of year assembly was also an opportunity to unveil the school’s mission statement. Parents and guardians had contributed to this during the year and it was finalised and completed by the the Mission Statement Committee, which was selected from among some of the parents. In addition, to encourage parents involvement in the process of drafting the mission statement, several meetings were held during the year and an online survey was sent out.

Shellybanks’ had a “vision statement” at the start of the year in which they organised different committees for the year such as the Intercultural Committee, the Funding Committee and the Mission Statement Committee all of which were thanked by O’Sullivan for their role.
During the assembly a number of songs were sung including What I Am and This Little Light of Mine, which the children and parents sang enthusiastically. The mission statement was then read out by Billy Donohue, accompanied by students Remy McInerney, Ollie Diez Corry, Zoe Crotty, Aeris Natangcop, Elijah Kenny, Jun Tong Song and Sam Sommerauer. The mission statement emphasised the role of diversity, acceptance and striving to be one’s best.
The event was a pleasant acknowledgment of a year accomplished and signified a bright and hopeful future going forward.

by Kevin MacSharry