Still Time to Beat the Street

Beat the Street

Beat the Street Dublin, a fun, free game for the community, kicked off last month and continues until November 1st around the streets of the capital.

Participants score points and win prizes by walking, cycling or running from point to point and tapping a registered and activated Beat the Street card or fob on sensors (Beat Boxes) which are placed on lamp posts.

A player taps their Beat the Street card or fob at various points on their way to and from work, school and to the shops.

Tapping a card or fob on the first Beat Box sends the location information to a database. The second Beat Box that is tapped will record a journey. You must tap at least two Beat Boxes within one hour to record a journey and score 10 points. There must be a time gap of at least 1 minute between tapping Beat Boxes, or the second box will not register points.

Ask for a card and information booklet in your local library, then register on the Beat the Street website here, to be able to see your journeys and points, to join a team, and for the chance to win prizes!

By: Paul O’Rourke