The Cinema Corner – October 13th

Movie of the week – Hellraiser

We’re into October, and that means it’s horror movie season. Tonight the Lighthouse celebrates the 30th anniversary of Clive Barker’s Hellraiser by screening a new restoration of the cult movie. A stark contrast to the goofy comedy-horrors that were popular at the time, Barker’s film is rough around the edges but boasts iconic creature design and a dark exploration of the pleasure/pain barrier. The Lighthouse also continue their Stephen King season with screenings of Misery (Friday and Sunday) and the black and white version of The Mist (Saturday).

The Party

The best of the week’s new releases is The Party, the latest from cult British filmmaker Sally Potter. Kristin Scott-Thomas heads an impressive ensemble as a politician throwing an ill-fated party in her London home. When her husband (Timothy Spall) makes a shocking confession, a dampener is put on the celebrations. At only 71 minutes, it’s the sort of drama that would have debuted on TV in a past era, but some cracking performances make it worth a watch.

The Snowman

On the other hand, an all-star cast can’t save The Snowman, an adaptation of the bestselling novel by Norwegian author Jo Nesbo. Michael Fassbender is an alcoholic detective (one of many cliches) investigating a killer who leaves snowmen at the sight of his crimes. It’s as daft as it sounds, but nowhere near as fun. With subplots and characters that go nowhere, this one is an absolute mess.

The Ritual

There’s more horror, and more Scandinavian scenery, with new release The Ritual, in which a bunch of thirtysomething mates run into trouble in the wilds of Sweden. This one doesn’t have an original thought in its head, playing out mostly as a gender reversal of the female led monster movie The Descent.

By Eric Hillis of