A gym with a difference

by Kathrin Kobus

Andy Kenny’s gym in action. Photos courtesy of Andy Kenny.

“Lose weight, feel great,” that’s the motto painted at the windows on the first floor of the Trinity Enterprise Building at Grand Canal Dock. It’s Andy Kenny Fitness. This gym is different to other providers. You cannot stroll in and just get on a bike or rowing machine for a bit of a work out.

Owner Andy Kenny and his staff solely cater for classes never larger than 10 people per group. He is dedicated and committed to getting his customers into the proper mindset to achieve their fitness and/or weight loss goals.
Firstly, he wants you to sit down and discuss with him or a member of staff about your personal plan. You’ll fill in a questionnaire when you join and answer some general questions about how you evaluate your physical and mental well-being and what you wish to achieve with the chosen course. At the end of the course the folder comes out again and the same task is repeated. As they say, repeat for emphasis.

The flagship programme is the Body Slim Project. He gives these classes himself, but has found another enticing way to build a relationship with his clients so that they feel comfortable and welcome from the first session onwards. A mentorship from previous and successful weight loss clients.
“I have some of the people who have completed the body programme go on to become gym ambassadors. It means they are here for newcomers, to encourage them to stick to their plans, to stick with their exercises but also the keep the food diary.”

Some do early morning sessions straight off when the gym opens at 6.30 before heading off to work.
Other classes are focused on boxing, weight-lifting and in a separate room the illusionary night cycle area programme.
Andy Kenny expects the big rush of potential new customers for the New Year when all those selection boxes have been cleared of their sweet contents.

The gym is closed only on Sundays. For further information go to www.andykennyfitness.ie