Coddle: a winter warmer

The annnual Government Budget and the mention of coddle for dinner almost seem to happen in synchronicity but unlike the budget, what’s simmering in your pot, if you’re a Ringsender, is the same every time.

There has been some debate online and in the press of recent times about which type of Dublin Coddle is the best: white or brown? To say it’s not appreciated outside Dublin would be an understatement, as quotes on west of Ireland Twitter accounts would attest.

Many, including the Limerick-based Rubberbandits, have called us Dubs lunatics for boiling sausages. Closer to home, Declan Byrne from the Dublin Dockers Preservation Society was quoted in the Dublin Inquirer saying that “in Ringsend the white coddle was nearly always the accepted standard.” And to irk a Ringsend Dock Worker you’d mention the brown coddle.

Whether it’s brown or white, coddle, the dish itself has the potential for greatness for anyone with a tight budget and less cookware to clean due to its one-pot cooking style, so whether you’re a student feeling the cold or a parent feeling the pinch of the budget the coddle is one to experiment with.

At the recent gala evening at the opening of the Port Centre on Alexandra Road, guests were treated to a serving of coddle by the QCafe catering company. Food on the day was highly praised so NewsFour got in touch with Torsten Schulz, Chef Manager at the QCafe to inquire what recipe he used. Our thanks go to Torsten, who supplied us with his recipe for White Coddle.

White Coddle

2 litres potato and leek soup

200g diced carrot

200g diced onion

200g smoked diced rashers

300g breakfast sausages

“Basically just simmer everything for about 25 to 30 minutes and serve with the heel of white batch bread and butter and finish with fresh chopped parsley, says Torsten.”

You can decide whether brown coddle, which includes the addition of oxtail or white is better. Thankfully, the dreaded, soot infused, black coddle common in the time of the tenements, is no longer on the menu.

by Paul Carton