The Cinema Corner – May 18th

Movie of the week – Jeune Femme

Let’s hope we get some sunshine over the weekend, as it’s a poor week for new releases at the cinema. The best of a bad lot is Jeune Femme, yet another French drama about a woman’s attempts to reconstruct her life following a breakup. At least this one has a sense of humour, and lead actress Laetitia Dosch is one to watch, but there’s not much here we haven’t seen before.

On Chesil Beach

National treasure Saoirse Ronan can’t save Ian McEwan’s adaptation of his novel On Chesil Beach. Set in the pre-Beatles early 1960s, it’s the story of a young couple whose relationship begins to crumble on their wedding night. Despite the best efforts of Ronan and co-star Billy Howle, we never buy these characters as a genuine couple, and the film gets distracted in flashbacks that add little to character development.

Deadpool 2

2016’s Deadpool was one of the most insufferable movies of recent years, but it made a fortune at the box office and so we have Deadpool 2. The first movie spent two hours spoofing every aspect of the superhero genre, leaving this sequel struggling for material. This one dials down the political incorrectness, but while it’s less obnoxious and offensive than the first movie, it’s equally torturous.

By Eric Hillis of