Record Store Da: the vinyl countdown

By Geneva Pattison

Every year, we get the pleasure of enjoying music in all its glorious formats on Record Store Day and this year the date is set for April 13th. We’ve been supporting small independent record stores on this special day for over 10 years now. Grunge legends Pearl Jam have been announced as the international ambassadors for 2019. 

In a press release, the RSD co-founder Carrie Colliton stated “I’ve worked in and around record stores my entire adult life and I feel like I’ve grown up with Pearl Jam because of it”. 

Likewise, Pearl Jam are pleased with the alliance. The band’s guitarist Mike McCready said, “Pearl Jam is honoured to be Record Store Day’s Ambassador for 2019. Independent record stores are hugely important to me, and have been ever since I was 12 years old. Before I even really knew what they were,  there was a certain feeling of ‘this is a dream come true,’ and it’s a wonderland and there’s so much to learn in here… and it’s still that way”. 

Some of the RSD exclusives and first releases we have to look forward to include records from Chic, Bob Dylan, Fleetwood Mac, Aretha Franklin, The Rolling Stones, Lou Reed, Prince and Queen. To see the full list of records, visit the Record Store Day site. 

In Dublin, there are a number of record shops taking part, including Tower Records and Golden Discs beside Stephen’s Green, The Record Spot on Fade St. and Spindizzy Records in the Georges Street Arcade.

NewsFour got in touch with Spindizzy Records about the availability of certain special releases, who said, “Due to the limited nature of each of these records, its very difficult to predict exactly which will be released and how many each store will be allocated for the day itself. We’ve been very happy with our allocation in previous years so we’re looking forward to carrying the bulk of the titles from the RSD master-list”. 

The numbers of the releases in each store will be limited and records and CDs can’t be reserved. Due to the first-come first-serve situation, be sure to get down and explore what’s on offer.