Velo-city 2019: Cycling Conference at the Convention Centre

Bike Lane image courtesy of Wiki Commons

Geneva Pattison

From the 25th to the 28th of June, the Dockland’s Convention Centre will hold the largest meeting of cycling enthusiasts and speakers in the world.

Velo-city is a yearly event organised by the European Cycling Federation (ECF) and relevant host cities. The title chosen by Velo-city for the 2019 conference is “Cycling for the Ages” and will explore the following themes; Technology, Intelligent Transport Systems and Data Analytics, Health, Social, Environment and Infrastructure.

As stated on the DCC website, the conference will examine “visions for the cycling city of the future and how we get there from the cycling city of today; how can we support and design to ensure measures taken are inclusive for all ages, gender, abilities and nationalities.”

The first time the conference was held in Dublin was in 2005, with great success. As stated by Owen Keegan, Chief Executive of DCC, “The number of cyclists in the city increased to 147% since 2005.”

Speakers at the conference will include Philippe Crist, the Advisor for Innovation and Foresight for the International Transport Forum (ITF). Klaus Bondam, CEO of the Danish Cycling Federation since 2014. Amanda Ngabirano, Urban/Regional Planner and lecturer at the Makerere University in Kampala. Virginia Sullivan, Director of Travel Initiatives at the Adventure Cycling Association. Anne Graham, the Chief Executive Officer with the National Transport Authority (NTA). 

The Velo-city conference will be happening at the same time as National Bike Week (22nd – 30th of June), so the public are invited to take part in the weeklong cycling initiative. Similarly, the local community is invited to join in on the celebration by joining like-minded cycling enthusiasts on the Mass Bike Parade taking place on Wednesday the 26th of June. 

Alternatively, you can attend a public lecture taking place in Trinity College Dublin, which will host three top speakers on the subjects of transport and cycling. Both events require you to register first, visit for further information. 

For further information, see for more information on keynote speakers.