BusConnects update

Two things: proposals for the bus service aka the revised network of bus service and proposals the core bus corridors are related, but are treated separately by the National Transport Authority, NTA. The first round of consultations and for submissions had closed by the end of May.

A Dublin Bus en route through a very busy Shelbourne Road, pic by author

The next round of Community Forum meetings regarding the bus corridors, cycle lanes, pedestrian tracks will be held during September 2019, whilst another round of public consultation is planned for November 2019.

Dublin is looking out for parking spaces and trees along Core Bus Corridors 14, 15, and 16

According to the NTA, this signals “a commitment to continue a dialogue exploring possible arrangements before in-depth engineering solutions are finalised.”

“It is intended to publish, for consultation, Preferred Route Options Reports for the corridors in November 2019, which will take into account feedback from the submissions received to date, and incorporate changes arising from that process.”

Latest red ribbon action at Ringsend Park, pic by author

Red ribbons have been planted in recent months and weeks on numerous locations throughout Dublin 4 from Merrion Road, Ailesbury Road, Pembroke Street, Baggot Street to the Ringsend Park area.

An Bord Pleanála will be presented with a finalised proposal by the end of next year, 2020.

Regarding the bus service: a next round of public consultation will also happen this September.  Finalised dates and locations for the Dublin 4 area have not yet been confirmed.

By Kathrin Kobus, online news