Mind-Body Extravaganza at RDS

Photo courtesy of Freddy Roberts and Mind Body Experience.

BY Eoin Meegan

The Dublin Mind Body Experience will make a welcome return to the RDS this autumn after a few years’ absence, featuring many old favourites along with a sprinkling of new ones in the field of holistic health and medicine. It will begin with an evening opening on November 8th, from 4.00pm till 8.00, and gets underway proper over the following two days from 10.00 to 7.00 in Hall 4 (that’s the Anglesea Road entrance). The event boasts 190 exhibitors, complemented by talks and workshops, along with yoga and meditation classes spread over the three days.

The event brings together a wide range of exhibitors, practitioners, and speakers from the world of holistic health and well-being, many providing mini treatments and demonstrating a diverse range of healing modalities, such as Bio energy, Reiki, and Pranic Healing, among others. 

While entry is free, the organisers advise pre-registering as they are expecting a big crowd. Space will be limited. A queuing system will be in operation for all talks and workshops with those pre-registered getting priority.

Shamanism, said to be the oldest healing systems on the planet has been growing in popularity among adherents of personal development. At the RDS event, Shining Soul will have all your shamanic accessories, including handmade shamanic rattles and smudge feathers. Often shrouded in mystery, the enigmatic world of Tantra will be unveiled by Vesco Stefanov. Elsewhere you can share a Sound Bath with Fiona McDonagh, or tickle your ears with something called Solfeggio Healing Tones – apparently they act like a tuning fork on the energy system bringing it into harmony. If that’s not enough, Maria B. Burke will be along with the 321 Focus 30 Day Challenge that promises to change your life. 

If crystals are your thing Rocky Road Minerals have rare tumbled stones, and semi-precious stone jewellery on offer, as well as doing a line in crystal magic wands, should you want to spend time in the Potterverse.  Aura Soma, whose motto is ‘you are the colours you choose’ offer coloured bottles and scents, while TianDe have a wide range of beauty and health products that can help with eczema, psoriasis, and other ailments. Herbs of Grace are among a number of groups dealing with the healing power of herbs. If you want to avail of Alpaca clothing, which is supposedly softer than sheep’s wool and keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer, then Gifts of Nature is the stall to head for. The delightfully named Pachamama is a new holistic gift shop that supply all your spiritual needs, while Dervish Holistics have a wide range of higher consciousness books and cds on offer. Not forgetting our four-legged friends, Holistic Pet Products will cater to all their needs.

Everyone wants to be healthier these days, and Coconutty provide vegan and gluten free snacks. While Eating Freely is not another diet regime but a system to help break the link between our emotional states and eating habits. You can sample some delicious honey from Galtee Honey Farm who boast an amazing 170 beehives on their farm, including the Native Irish Black Honey bee, apparently a threatened sub-species. If you fancy a tipple Beo Wine Bar provide biodynamic and organic wines.

So if you’re tired of football, rugby or the usual pub scene this sounds like a delightfully alternative way to spend a weekend. Why not come along to the RDS and let them pamper your body, open your mind, and raise your energy to a new level. The event is organised by Freddy Roberts and his partner Lorraine who have been organising spiritual and holistic fairs in Dublin, Cork and Galway for the past eleven years. Their aim is to create larger holistic events, make them accessible and affordable to everyone, and help promote a more conscious and healthy lifestyle.

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